Quebec Offers Bonuses up to $18,000 to Keep Nurses in Struggling Health System

By The Canadian Press
The Canadian Press
The Canadian Press
September 23, 2021 Updated: September 23, 2021

Quebec is offering up to $18,000 in bonuses for full-time nurses to prevent more of them from quitting the province’s struggling healthcare system.

Premier François Legault told reporters today he is launching a “mini revolution” in the health network following months of pandemic-induced stresses that have contributed to a shortage of 4,300 nurses in the province.

Legault says full-time nurses in the public system will receive one-time bonuses of $15,000, adding that part-time nurses who switch to full−time work will also get bonuses of $15,000.

Nurses who have quit the public healthcare network and want to return full-time will get $12,000.

And for full-time nurses who are working in five regions that are hit particularly hard by shortages, including Outaouais and Gaspé, the bonus will be $18,000.

Legault says nurses in the public system will also get priority for better work schedules compared with nurses who are hired through private placement agencies.