Quebec Becomes First Province to Make Masks Mandatory in Indoor Public Spaces

July 18, 2020 Updated: July 18, 2020

MONTREAL—Starting today, Quebec becomes the first province in Canada to require mask−wearing in all indoor public places.

The new directive, which applies to people aged 12 and older, comes into force as tens of thousands of Quebecers begin the traditional two−week construction holiday.

Businesses will be expected to enforce the new rules and are subject to fines of between $400 and $6,000 if their customers are caught violating the directive.

Some Quebecers have joined protests against the new edict, arguing the government shouldn’t have a blanket policy when most regions outside Montreal weren’t deeply affected by COVID−19.

But Dr. Horacio Arruda, Quebec’s director of public health, has responded by stating all Quebecers should get in the habit of wearing masks to prepare for a possible second wave of the virus in the fall.

Quebec has seen a slight resurgence in COVID−19 cases in recent days, which Premier Francois Legault has said is due, in part, to house parties.