Quality Control in Guangdong Just A Show

By Tan Hohua, Epoch Times
December 3, 2007 Updated: December 3, 2007

Facing international pressure about the safety of China's exports, Chinese authority has started a campaign targeting quality control in mainland China while defending themselves in the international community. As part of the campaign, Deputy Premier Wu Yi led a 320-member inspection group arriving in Guangdong for a two days inspection tour starting on November 28.

The trip was to identify problems; however, one month prior to Wu's high profile inspection, Guangdong provincial government had already began their own clean up campaign. They cleared out all the various markets and posters on food safety were hung everywhere, according to a report in Hong Kong's Oriental Daily .

According to authority's official website, Guangdong Food Safety, after an inspection by the group led by Zhou Bohua, Minister for State Administration of Industry and Commerce, one member of the inspection group said he was happy about the result and commented, “People can put their worries to rest when having a meal, buying clothes and appliances in Guangzhou.”

But just after Zhou left a market selling cooked food, the majority of the employees then removed their masks and gloves, which were recently required by local authority, according to a Central News Agency (CNA) report.

The CNA report also said that to cope with Wu Yi's “Made in China” inspection, Shenzhen city cleared several famous counterfeit product markets in advance of the inspection. Food markets were thoroughly cleaned and unregistered stores were also ordered to close down beforehand.