Qianying Zhao ID’d as Woman Sleeping in Justin Bieber’s House, Bed

March 6, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Qianying Zhao, a woman, apparently entered Justin Bieber’s rented home in Atlanta and fell asleep in one of the bedrooms, it was reported.

Zhao–who is described as 5’5” and 110–was discovered by the niece of the person renting out the mansion to Bieber on Wednesday night, according to TMZ.

She said she found “an Asian female” with long black hair who was 25 years old sleeping in one of the beds.

The niece then called the police, who found Zhao waiting outside the home.

Zhao said that she met Bieber, 20, on Twitter and claimed she was visiting him for a birthday party. Bieber recently turned 20 last week.

She then said she was late for the party, saying she went to his home to wait for him. One of the doors was open and she went inside.

Zhao was arrested on criminal tresspassing charges and police put her in to “double-locked handcuffs,” TMZ reported.

TMZ posted the 9/11 call for the niece on its website.

“Justin Bieber is actually renting out this house and there’s a fan inside one of the bedrooms,” she said, adding that “we’re wondering how that person got into the house.”

“No, it’s just a girl … she’s 25,” the niece then said. “There’s no way that she could have gotten in unless she jumped the gate,” she added.