Q&A: What Does Fleet Week Mean to Our Service Members?

May 31, 2010 Updated: May 31, 2010
(L-R) Ian Griffin, John Lynch and Blake Pace. (The Epoch Times)
(L-R) Ian Griffin, John Lynch and Blake Pace. (The Epoch Times)

NEW YORK—The arrival of Memorial Day marks the end of Fleet Week in New York City. During Fleet Week, the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps dock their active ships in the harbors of the country's major cities and take part in public events, tours, and other festivities. Several service members found their way to Times Square Sunday.

The Epoch Times asked them: What does Fleet Week mean to you?

Blake Pace, 19, submariner

“It means a good time. A chance to get away and go out and have fun and meet new people and just go around. It’s nice taking pictures with people because we get a lot of compliments, and it’s great getting recognized for what we do.”

John Lynch, 20, submariner

“Fleet week is usually Memorial Day, and it reminds us of our fallen soldiers, soldiers who served before us. It reminds us that there [were] people before us who did something great. And a lot of people support us, and a lot of people appreciate us for what we do.”

Ian Griffin, 27, submariner

“It’s a lot of fun being here for Fleet Week. It's like a big party. You realize how much people appreciate you.”

Kenneth Young. (The Epoch Times)
Kenneth Young. (The Epoch Times)

Kenneth Young, 24

“Its been very interesting to see how everyone interacts with the military, as far as being out in public and seeing everybody with their warm reception to us. This is new to me. This is my first taste of it.”

Wayne Perzee. (The Epoch Times)
Wayne Perzee. (The Epoch Times)

Wayne Perzee, 35

“Fleet week is a celebration of our freedom.”