Q Anon Was Fun

April 16, 2021 Updated: April 16, 2021

It is now obvious that Q Anon is not real. I knew all along that it was a bold theory and probably wishful thinking, but enjoyed every minute of it nonetheless. I do not come from a broken home but can imagine that a Q Anon story of green frogmen saving the day might be analogous to a child’s belief that their deadbeat dad was really a good guy waiting in the wings to show up and save mom and the rest of us from poverty and misery. Or a childhood fantasy such as a dad in a shiny new BMW pulling up to the curb, paying the debt collectors, sending them on their way, and loving us, and protecting us as a good dad should.

Make no mistake about it, I am one of those millions of guys willing to holler “we love you” at a Trump rally. He is our hero. To see this courageous and honest man fight for our country for four years under constant assault was a call to action and motivational for sure. To watch him kick away at hyenas with only a few courageous congressmen at his side was difficult to watch. So the daily Q Anon message that a secret army was waiting in the wings with a plan to save this country under President Trump’s leadership was the only political hope we had.

What a disappointment it is to see it now dissolve. Our fantasy family will be evicted after all; our dad really is a deadbeat and will never return to save the family. Bummer! The emotion we feel is anger. And, in my case, it’s not against the institutional left (they are the subversives they have always been).

My disgust is most intense toward the disloyal politicians on “our side.” Most galling are those candidates that rode Trump’s coattails into office, then turned their backs on him immediately. A call for a new political party is in the wind. It will take a few cycles and DNC victories to put the RNC down for the count, but it is a cause worth investing in.

The RNC swamp creatures will react by saying a protest vote for a third party is a vote for the enemy and that they now see the light. “We, the RNC, are on your side, Charlie Brown. I will hold the football this time. Trust me.” Just look at how quickly the woman senator from Georgia flipped after Election Day. We should call her Lucy. Whew!

America needs The Epoch Times and your affiliates more than ever. I am a native of Orange County, California. I have seen our political offices taken by the left. It is really sad. To make it worse, our “conservative” OC Register newspaper is now just another leftist AP rag. The Register’s turn against their loyal readership provokes the same emotion that I feel when looking at Mitch McConnell. I am thrilled to have the weekly Epoch Times delivered and can’t wait to receive your upcoming Orange County daily paper.

Take it from me, an Orange County native and active part of our community for six decades: This area is as deeply rooted in conservative and freedom-loving values as it has always been. It is an ethnically diverse place where the stars and stripes wave proudly on the front of many homes. A live-and-let-live environment where all people of goodwill are welcome. The Epoch Times’ new daily rollout will be a smashing success, and I hope everyone reading this signs up soon, even those from other counties.


Bill Hunt, Son of a Real Frogman