Pushing Back Against the CCP

May 31, 2021 Updated: May 31, 2021

The Chinese Communist Party is the biggest external threat to the United States and the world.  They have bought their way into our corporations, education system, media, sports, and entertainment. They saber-rattle against Taiwan and build up their presence in the world both militarily and influentially. And in Alaska, they came with an intent to intimidate the United States.

If I had been the leader of the U.S. contingent [at the Alaska talks], when they began to intimidate and disrespect us, I would have gotten up, told the rest of our group we were leaving, and walked out. They have the upper hand in many respects because they are so calculating, plan very long term, and are beyond devious. It seems they will stop at nothing to become the world’s greatest power, overtaking the U.S.

Their handling of the coronavirus to date vividly demonstrates that although we don’t yet know if the virus getting out was intentional or accidental, we do know that the CCP hid the information for a long time and then made no attempt to keep it from the world. They still have not allowed transparency about the Wuhan lab. While it is hard to know the true numbers of worldwide deaths due only to coronavirus, it is still a large number and is incredibly sad. Additionally, the CCP has unleashed this virus to gain an economic advantage.

Has the U.S. stopped funding work in these Chinese labs? If not, we should stop it immediately.

I don’t know how the International Olympic Committee deals with the countries it chooses for the Olympic Games. However, I think our Congress and the IOC should work together to cancel the 2022 Olympics to be held in China. I hope there is not a signed, unbreakable contract that allows China to continue to hold the Olympics. If not, I believe the U.S. and possibly the United Nations, if they are strong enough to take such a stand, should consider canceling it. If it can be canceled, I think it should be, and too bad if China loses a ton of money.