Purple-Dyed Cat Used as ‘Chew Toy’ Rescued in California

January 2, 2016 Updated: January 2, 2016

A purple-dyed kitten has gone viral across social media websites, with a veterinarian saying it was used as a “chew-toy” for dogs or another animal.

The Nine Lives Foundation, based in Redwood City, California, posted a video of the cat playing with two other rehabilitated pets.

The 8-week-old animal was dyed indigo blue and found with 20 puncture wounds. According to ABC News, it was dropped off at a rescue center in San Jose, California.

The cat, named Smurf, will undergo surgery to get healed up.

Veterinarian Monica Rudiger told the San Jose Mercury News: “He’s a strong little guy.”

She also explained the kitten weighed less than two pounds to go with deep lacerations on his body. The kitten also had a fever of 105 degrees.

“I’ve seen a lot of animals used as bait for other animals, it looks to me like he was used as a chew toy,” Rudiger told the paper. “He obviously wasn’t killed by the dog or whatever animal it was, but he was pretty badly injured.”

“I can only imagine why someone would dye him purple,” she added. “I think there are people who find it amusing to take small, innocent animals and use them as play toys.”

When Smurf is fully healed, he’ll go up for adoption, she told the paper.