‘Pugilistic Stance’: Paul Walker Crash Report Reveals Horrific Injuries

January 3, 2014 Updated: January 3, 2014

Paul Walker was found dead in the “pugilistic stance” and he suffered multiple fractures throughout his body, including his jaw, collarbone, left upper arm, ribs, and pelvis, according to the coroner’s report that was released on Friday.

TMZ reported that Walker, 40, was found in a defensive position as if he were bracing for impact before he died on November 30. The crash also killed the driver, Roger Rodas, Walker’s friend and business partner.

According to the Medical Dictionary, the pugilistic stance is “a ‘defensive’ position fancifully likened to that adopted by pugilists (boxers), which is typically seen in severely burned bodies, characterised by flexion of elbows, knees, hip, and neck, and clenching of hand into a fist; it is caused by high-temperatures in fire, resulting in muscle stiffening and shortening; it occurs even if the person was dead before the fire.”

Reports have said that Walker’s body was so badly burned in the crash that none of his organs could be donated.

Walker and Rodas died in the crash on Nov. 30 after they were leaving a charity function in Southern California.

The car slammed into a tree and a light pole on the driver’s side then after spinning, hit a second tree on Walker’s side of the car and caught fire.

No alcohol or drugs were detected in the system of either man on the day of the fiery one-car crash.


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The Associated Press contributed to this report.