PlayStation Plus – PS+ Free Games in April 2015: Dishonored Coming, Also DriveClub?

March 11, 2015 Updated: March 13, 2015

PlayStation Plus users will get another AAA game in the Instant Game Collection: Dishonored. It’s not clear if DriveClub will be released, however.

This week, PlayStation Europe announced: “Dishonored is coming to PlayStation Plus (PS3) in April. Sorry for the confusion this month – we pulled the trigger too early!”

The game, which came out in 2012, centers around stealth and adventure, and it was widely praised by reviewers. It generally got around a 9/10 or a 4.5/5. “It’s a shame that Dishonored’s story isn’t greater than the sum of its decidedly memorable parts, but its gameplay absolutely is. Each mission is built as an elaborate network of choices for players to explore,” said IGN at the time. 

So, what about DriveClub?

The game was supposed to come out via PS Plus months ago, but it has been indefinitely pushed back due to bugs. The game’s maker has repeatedly apologized on Facebook and in statements for the delays.

“We continue to work on the servers needed for the PS+ Edition to release it ASAP,” Evolution Studios wrote this week on Facebook. “While we do, the teams not able to support the online work are adding new cars, tracks, events and improvements for everybody already playing the game.”

In case you don’t remember, DriveClub was touted as a reason for PS4 users to sign up for the monthly service.

The company added: “We care. Our online teams are working to improve server performance, to reach the levels needed for the PS+ Edition and also to improve stability for everybody already playing the game.

While this work continues, the rest of the team here is continuing to add to and expand on the rest of the game for you too.”