Prostitute Jumps to Her Death to Evade Arrest

November 28, 2017 Updated: November 28, 2017

A New York City prostitute jumped out of a window in a Flushing, Queens location when police were about to arrest her.

An officer called for backup after a 38-year-old at 135-32 40th Rd. in Flushing agreed to provide sex for money. Before the officers could apprehend her, she jumped to her death from a third-story window, according to a New York Post report.

Police posted outside the location observed the woman hit the sidewalk. She was transported by EMS to New York Presbyterian Hospital to treat severe injuries to her head and body, Breaking 911 reported.

The Queens North Vice Enforcement Division was conducting an investigation into the prostitution establishment around 7:30 p.m. when the incident took place. The woman died at the hospital.

The New York Police Department’s Force Investigation Division is looking into the incident. A cause of death will be issued by the medical examiner’s office, an AM New York report stated.

Police arrested an unidentified person in March 2016 on prostitution charges at the same address as this incident, according to Breaking 911. There is also an unclaimed listing on Yelp for “Tian Cheng Spa” at the same address. Reviews on Yelp indicate it is or was at one time, a massage parlor.

Police and the suspect, after jumping from a window. (submitted photo)

The Post article said the woman left jail four months ago and said that she would “kill herself” before being arrested again. Media is not releasing the woman’s name before her family is notified.

New York State Sen. José Peralta is currently trying to push legislation that would make it harder for massage parlors to act as fronts for prostitution operations. Peralta is from Queens. In Flushing, prostitution rings run out of massage parlors and makeshift brothels in private homes are a well-known plague.

The Flushing, New York, location where a woman jumped to evade police.
(Linda Lin/The Epoch Times)

An earlier Post article indicates the severity of the issue:

“But the national epicenter of the Asian sex trade is located in Flushing, Queens, and such brothels purportedly now outnumber Starbucks in New York, and collectively do more than $1 billion a year in business.”

A Queens Chronicle article also notes that the citywide problem of prostitution involving Asian immigrants engaging in both selling prostitution and employing prostitutes via human trafficking schemes rests in Flushing.

In that article, Jimmy Lee of Restore NYC said that most of the human trafficking victims his organization helps have a connection to Flushing, Queens. The area, known for its Chinese and Korean immigrant communities, is also known for its very open, street corner solicitations for massage parlor fronts.

The New York Post article from last year indicates that similarly styled prostitution rings, often run by Chinese and South Korean immigrants, are also spreading into more affluent areas of New York City and other parts of the country.

The address of the window jumping incident was also the same location where an awful murder took place. A Chinese immigrant man killed a woman, also from China, who ran an employment agency. He harassed her for years. When immigration authorities were unable to successfully deport him, he was released. He then killed the woman in the hallway of her home and removed two of her organs, a Boston Globe article reported. The woman’s husband has since tried to sue the local government.


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