Prominent Chinese Openly Support Rights Attorney

August 7, 2006 Updated: August 7, 2006

CHINA — On August 3, 86 prominent Chinese citizens, including Mr. Lin Mu, secretary to former Chinese President Hu Yaobang, signed a letter condemning the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents' attacks on Beijing human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng. Their action was triggered by a fight on July 30, in which Gao suffered a life threatening beating from 3 agents. Gao and his wife have survived over 7 months of around the clock surveillance and harassment.

In the interview with The Epoch Times , Mr. Lin commented, “this kind action perfectly reflects the CCP's moribund struggle. Citizens of the entire nation should no longer tolerate this type of atrocity against human rights.”

Lin told The Epoch Times that the purpose of the CCP's focus on Gao individually is to achieve the goal of “execute one as a warning to a hundred” and thus to threaten all legal human rights activities across the country.

“Attorney Gao forbears, but we absolutely cannot forbear any longer. We request a thorough investigation, to send them to court and sentence them according to the law.”

The letter states “that in this era, one innocent person's bloodshed, means all people's bloodshed; one person's loss of freedom, means all people lose their freedom; one person encounters violent beatings, means that all people are injured in the same way. Today, it is attorney Gao, tomorrow, it may be you and me!”

Power Struggle

Lin said, “Currently, the CCP's fascist force is very oppressive. The unscrupulous suppression of attorney Gao is only one of many actions they dictate. In my view, it reflects the fierce power struggle proceeding China's 17th National People's Congress. Someone wants to suppress the democratic forces inside China.”

Lin commented, “The biggest problem that the CCP faces today is the redistribution of power among the different groups inside the CCP during the upcoming 17th National People's Congress. All provinces, cities, counties, and towns will also face this situation. Who will step up and who will step down, there will be fierce struggles both on and under the table. Now, someone wants to use the mafia as a means to develop their own force. The purpose is to maintain the superiority of the fascist force within the future leadership group.”

“At this time, it looks like China has more than one government and center of power. In the current governing regime, the democratic moderate force does not have the advantage.”

The letter points out that attorney Gao Zhisheng fulfills peaceful, rational, non-violent principles. He adheres to the fundamental reality that freedom, human rights, and dignity are not to be deprived or to be yielded. He is fearless of the powerful authority, is unyielding to its tyranny, and is indomitable in protest. He is a model citizen of independent moral integrity in the present era. If this kind of violence is allowed to continue, one might ask, “Where is the justice? Where is the legitimate rightfulness?”