Project Spark: Closed Beta for PC and XBox One Starts Soon; Sign Up for Beta Key

The Project Spark closed beta starts in February, the project recently announced, and people can sign up now for a beta key for Windows 8 and Xbox One. The final relesae date is not known yet, but the trailer and pictures show some of the gameplay.

The team has already sent out over 25,000 beta keys to people who signed up before November. Sign up here.

Project Spark is a video game that enables people to build their own games. Users can also remix content that others have made. Xbox controllers, keyboards, and mouses work with the game, among other devices.

Game designer Claude Jerome elaborated to Ploygon that players can choose to begin with a blank slate or play through a level that’s already been designed. Every object in a world can be programmed.

The game is all about giving players options, Jerome said. It’s different than games it has been compared to, including Minecraft.

“What makes our game special is it allows you to change the behaviors of anything in the world: change the field, tell your own story and share it out to the rich community of other players who are doing the same thing,” he said. “Our game is really about sharing and playing with the community.”

Check out the trailer below, and, below that, some images from a user who has been playing the game.









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