Professor: Shen Yun Contains ‘Inner Saint, Outward Emperor’

April 9, 2012 Updated: August 14, 2015

TAOYUAN, Taiwan—”It is not easy, indeed excellent!” said Professor Wang, who teaches Chinese Culture at a university, after watching Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company’s last show at Taoyuan on April 8.

Mr. Wang expressed his admiration for Shen Yun’s presentation of traditional Chinese culture. Shen Yun “conveys the essence of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism in ancient Chinese culture to tell people what is the way of ‘inner saint, outward emperor.'”

Mr. Wang cheerfully explained that “inner saint” means the cultivation of conscience and morality, and “outward emperor” is the way of getting along with other people. He said Shen Yun showed the Chinese culture—that can lead humans to do things with a clear conscience.

One of the programs, How the Monkey King Came to Be, shows the plot in which the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, wreaks havoc in Heaven’s peach orchard. Mr. Wang said: “Sun Wukong represents every one of us. Pursuing fame and gain, and then being shackled by them. If you want to shake it off … put fame and gain down, and you will be free from them.”

Mr. Wang stressed that he came to learn today why Shen Yun can attract such large audiences. “If it has no righteous ideas and is not helpful to people then it would not be able to develop to be such a large performing arts company,” he said.

Reporting by Chung Tai-Yuan & Sophie Chiu.

Shen Yun Performing Arts, based in New York, has three touring companies that perform simultaneously around the world, with a mission to revive traditional Chinese culture. Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company will next perform in Melbourne, Australia, April 11-15 at the Regent Theatre.

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