Prisoners, Aborted Fetuses Sold for Medical Uses in China

March 17, 2006 Updated: July 9, 2020

I come from a very famous medical research organization in China. About ten years ago, I became a graduate student. Because of my research, I saw with my own eyes that my colleagues participated in these kinds of matters, which are indeed cruel and horrible. For the sake of my friend’s safety, I will not disclose the name of the organization.

Some of the research projects in China use humans or human fetuses as specimens. Some researchers consider this to be advanced research at the international level, as it is hard to perform such research in other countries because of the lack of specimens. In China, where do the specimens come from?

Aborted Fetuses

Because of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) birth control policy, every year, hospitals perform induced labor to abort seven to eight month old babies. Some babies are even nearly full term and are alive.

Ten years ago in Beijing, an induced labor fetus sold for only 80 yuan (less than USD $10) to a research institute. One could simply ride a bicycle with an ice pot and take a fetus away. The mother who had just suffered great pain did not know of the transaction or the whereabouts of the child, nor was the family informed. The money obtained became doctors’ and nurses’ extra income.

More dreadfully, some fetuses that were near full term were still alive after the induced abortion. With my own ears, I heard a colleague say that sometimes one can hear the baby crying in the ice pot. Later, my colleague became pregnant and was unable to continue this kind of research that was required for her thesis. She asked technicians in the department for help.

A doctoral dissertation requires nearly one hundred experiments—just imagine! Sometimes several different projects shared one fetus with each project getting a different organ. In that kind of environment, everyone became numb. At that time, my research involved large mice. What if it had involved humans? I dare not imagine.

We were young and just out of the school. We entered the research institute not yet knowing what it was like to be a mother. Yet we all said in private that we would never get pregnant with a second child; we would never abort a fetus.

Organs From Prisoners Condemned to Death

There were communications between different organizations regarding prisoners condemned to death. Once a prisoner was to be executed, organizations would be notified. I personally heard a colleague talk about going to fetch a body. His experiment required a normal control group.

In other countries, these experiments require a participant’s consent, but in China, executed prisoners’ organs are taken without consent. If one searches the literature published in China, statements on the source of specimens are usually very vague, but some actually state that the source was a prisoner condemned to death.

When I saw The Epoch Times reports on the CCP’s cruelty towards Falun Gong practitioners and the bloody behind-the-scenes selling of Falun Gong practitioners’ organs at Sujiatun, I knew the CCP was capable of doing all of that. The CCP is simply inhumane.

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