Primeau and Warriner Compete at Mega Ice Hockey 5’s

Ice Hockey – Asia Tournament
By Bill Cox, Epoch Times
May 8, 2013 Updated: May 8, 2013

Wayne Primeau and Todd Warriner, who have both played for top clubs in the National Hockey League (NHL) in America, together with other top names in the sport are taking part in the Mega Ice Hockey 5’s in Hong Kong.

The biggest Ice Hockey event in Asia is now in its sixth year of the tournaments, having started in 2008. This year, there are 90 teams and over 1500 players currently taking part.

The tournament started on April 29 with youth competitions and continued with adult tournaments from May 6-11. Teams come from many countries, including Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong.

Youth Divisions

A total of 52 teams were involved in the competition’s Youth Divisions comprising five team categories: Atoms (5-6 yrs old), Mini Squirts (7-8 yrs old), Squirts (9-10 yrs old), Pee Wees (11-12 yrs old) and Bantams (13-16 yrs old).

Results of the Youth tournaments Finals that concluded on Saturday May 4 were:

• Atoms Final: Beijing Little Wolf A 4, Beijing Red Devils 1
• MSB Final: Sunshine Zero Fire Dragons E 0, Shanghai Thunderbirds 1
• MSA Final: Power Kids 0, Sunshine Zero Fire Dragons C 5
• Pee Wees A Final: Shanghai Thunderbirds U12 Selects 0, GCC Heat 2
• Squirts B Final: Meco Phoenix 5, Shanghai Thunderbirds Alumni 4
• Squirts A Final: HK Selects 5, Sun Life Dbees 0
• Pee Wees B Final: HKAIH 1, Singapore Ice Dragons 2
• Bantams Final: Singapore Ice Dragons 3, HKAIH 8

Adult Divisions

There are four adult divisions: International A (8 teams), International B (9), Asian (16) and Women (8). Internationals and Women’s teams are split into Pools A and B, International B is split into Pools A-C and Asian is split into Pools A-D.

Matches on May 10 and 11 start at 6.30 am and go on right through the day and evening until after midnight.

The hockey standard is expected to be high and exciting.

Ice Hockey basics

Ice Hockey is played with six players on each team, including a goalie, two wingers, one centreman and two defencemen. Each game is divided into three 20-minute periods, where players on ice skates use a stick to attempt to hit a hard rubber disc (puck) into the goals to score. First played in Canada, the contact sport is played professionally in America, Europe and East Asia.

Due to the large number of participating teams at the 2013 Mega Ice Hockey 5’s, each game will be played with three, 12-minute periods, with the exception of the International A Division as they will play three, 13-minute periods.