Prevent Accidents from Happening This 2015 with These Safety Resolutions

January 22, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

The term “occupational hazard” gets thrown out a lot by people working dangerous jobs. While putting their bodies on the line may be part of their livelihood, it’s foolish for people to ignore the possibility of serious injuries that can disable them for life.


For those working these types of job, you need to take extra precaution to keep yourself and your co-workers safe at all times. Therefore, as part of your New Year’s Resolution, observe these safety tips for an injury-free 2015.

Pay attention to your work

Star Ledger reports in June of 2014 that truck driver Kevin Roper, involved in a six-vehicle accident at a New Jersey turnpike, was charged for killing one person and severely injuring actor and comedian Tracy Morgan.


Roper was unable to see the slow-moving traffic on the road, causing his truck to slam into the 2012 Mercedes Sprinter that was carrying Morgan and company.


When your job requires you to travel from one place to another on time, you should do so by paying attention to detail as well. There’s a price to pay when you don’t stay on top of things at risky jobs.


There are road accidents also caused by faulty vehicles. Before travelling, make sure that you check the turn signals, brake lights, gas in the tank, and the tires of your vehicle to prevent it from causing a pileup.

Learn to weather it out

Weather can be your worst enemy, regardless of your occupation. Take Portland, for example, which has incurred a spike in weather-related incidents due to the snow, ice, and strong winds this season.


As an employee who travels from home to work and back, you are prone to possible injuries caused by extreme weather. That risk only increases if your job involves piloting a plane, installing power lines, and more.


During the cold season, it is important that you use safety work wear to cover your exposed skin. In particular, cover your head, hands, face, and feet – body parts that are most prone to frostbites.


Also, instead of using cotton as the fabric for your clothes, lean towards wool and synthetic to keep yourself warm.

Require PPE training

It’s great if you’re keeping yourself safe with the gear you’re wearing. But how about your co-workers who ignores safety precautions? How about the ones who are aware of the equipments but are not using them properly?


The answer here is a personal protective equipment (PPE) training. This provides insight on why employees have to wear the equipment they’re wearing for the job.


By encouraging your co-workers to attend the training, they will become more aware about the importance of their safety work wear and have a sense of pride in the work they do.


If you don’t have PPE training, below are simple to encourage people to wear personal protective equipment:

  • Wear safety work wear at all times to set an example
  • Show to your co-workers how to wear, use, and maintain the protective equipment
  • Catch people not adhering to the safety guidelines
  • If you are to discipline someone due to their negligence towards safety guidelines, make sure to sanction all who will ignore the rules to maintain consistency