President Visits Afghanistan

March 29, 2010 Updated: March 29, 2010

President Obama surprised troops in Afghanistan with a visit, ABC reported.

While he was officially scheduled for a quiet weekend at Camp David, the president flew to the Himalayan country for the first time. He told American troops, "There is no visit I consider more important than the visit I am making right now."

Obama went to Kabul to talk to Afghan President Hamid Karzai. Concerns about corruption and ineffectiveness in Karzai’s government threaten public support of the war. Obama also met with U.S. and NATO Commander Stanley McChrystal, who called for the troop surge Obama authorized late in 2009.

President Obama campaigned on a promise of ending both of America’s wars. As a senator, he voted against the invasion of Iraq. Although he authorized a troop increase for Afghanistan, he has announced his intention to begin withdrawing troops next year.