President Trump Likely to Visit the UK in 2018

July 11, 2017 Updated: July 11, 2017

A U.K. government source says President Donald Trump will visit the U.K. in 2018.

Rumors about when the visit would happen have abounded. Some said he would make a surprise visit after the G20 summit in Germany, but that didn’t happen.

Sky News quotes senior U.K. government officials who say the trip will not happen until 2018.

British Prime Minister Theresa May visited President Trump in Washington, D.C. in January. That was before she nearly lost her job in a snap election in June.

Queen Elizabeth invited President Trump for a visit later this year.

However, anti-Trump protesters filled the street of London, and 2 million people signed a petition to prevent it the visit.

Trump appears to be waiting for a more auspicious time to go.

This could be a professional courtesy to his counterpart Prime Minister May. Her political situation is tenuous, and an unpopular state visit could weaken her position. In delaying his visit, President Trump would give May time to consolidate her position and hopefully score a few political victories first.

It’s speculated that President Trump could make an unofficial trip to his golf properties in Scotland. That would allow him to have private meetings with officials, but with less controversy.