President of the Orange County Board of Education: CRT Is Marxism That Endangers the US

By Linda Jiang
Linda Jiang
Linda Jiang
July 30, 2021 Updated: July 31, 2021

Many parents of all races are opposing critical race theory (CRT) across in the United States. Mari Barke, president of the Orange County Board of Education in California, thinks that anti-Americans use the Marxist CRT as a weapon to demonize those with different views, “that is the real danger in this country today.”

Barke deeply believes that one’s parents and families should always choose what is best for their children, thus she also works for the Orange County Board of Education.

Parents and community members all over the country are very concerned and trying to define and understand ethnic studies and critical race theory, she said at an online forum held by the Californians For Equal Rights Foundation (CFER Foundation) on July 8.

“Critical race theory or CA CRT is not new,” Barke said. “What is new is the introduction of CRT into our K-12 schools, often hidden in plain sight, under the guise of Ethnic Studies, as my friend and columnist Susan Shelley said recently.”

Despite many states having banned CRT in public schools, the California Department of Education passed the controversial Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC) on March 18.

Teachers and parents found that the ESMC teaching is based on CRT, emphasizing the concept of “oppressors” and the “oppressed.” Hundreds of academics have criticized this curriculum.

”Telling is the fact that the same people that demand we introduce this Marxist doctrine into our schools also want to prevent us from educating the public about this anti-American academic precept of CRT.”

Barke mentioned that the Orange County Board of Education is currently creating a series of education forums that aims to help parents to understand more about what CRT is and its impact on the education system in the United States.

She said, “free speech as articulated in our First Amendment is not new, but it’s never been under such severe attack as we have seen over the last year. Any dissenting opinions are not only being discredited but also outright censored or banned.”

“As you will see, CRT and its predecessor critical theory is antithetical to the concept put forward in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.” “But CRT fails to celebrate, or study America’s founding ethnic diversity, rather CRT looks through the Marxist lens of victims and oppressors.”

Several Chinese immigrants told The Epoch Times that because CRT expresses hate culture, the United States is currently undergoing a “cultural revolution.” If it cannot be stopped, younger Americans will be brainwashed by Marxism completely. They felt horrified as people who had lived under the Chinese Communist Party’s reign of terror.

Barke said the problem is that the anti-American opposing groups do not want to have discussions or debates, what they want is to define the terms and then demonize everyone who disagrees with them. Thankfully, parents now have more opportunities to participate in their children’s education and can have a close look at what their children have been taught.

Linda Jiang
Linda Jiang