President Obama Sets New National Security Direction

By Paul Darin, Epoch Times
June 1, 2010 Updated: June 1, 2010

The goal of the federal government of the United States has always, since the drafting of the Constitution, been to defend the country in all matters. The Obama administration released a new National Security Strategy on May 27. It aims to take national defense and security in a new direction.

The new strategy aims to work cooperatively with international as well as domestic partners to advance American interests. Those interests include security of the people, the health and growth of the economy, support for American values, and an international order that can address challenges of the 21st century, according to the White House statement.

Some of the plans include using international partners from around the world to thoroughly defeat al-Qaeda and its affiliates in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan by using combined intelligence forces, homeland security, and law enforcement agencies. These combined forces could warn other governments of planned terrorist attacks.

More support for Afghanistan is laid out in the strategy, which includes increased funding and deployment of troops. A goal of this plan is to support Afghan security forces in order to allow the Afghans to take responsibility for Afghan national security. Similarly, the Pakistani government has stepped up to the plate in terms of taking a strong offensive against extremist forces within its borders. According to this plan the U.S. government will be reimbursing the Pakistani government $1.3 billion for military expenses occurred in 2008-2009.

The strategy considers domestic issues like education and energy part of security. President Obama wants to raise standards for teachers and students in public schools much like his predecessor President George W. Bush. Part of this plan includes having states compete in a program called Race to the Top in order to promote academic growth throughout the nation.

The federal government will be investing $80 billion dollars in clean energy development in order to ensure a clean future for our nation as well as to increase energy independence.

The new strategy changes from the view that every threat, be it nuclear war, terrorism, or pollution, should be dealt with in a forceful manner to every threat can be tackled by extending a helping and understanding hand to other nations and to our partners around the world.

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