Preparing for a Power Outage

National disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, remind us that we need to try to be prepared for the unexpected. Although we were warned about Katrina, nothing could have really prepared us for the damage that was done. Yet those that took heed to the warning, stocked up on items conducive to survival.

These items may not have softened the impact of such a traumatic disaster, but they did make survival possible. Short term disasters can leave behind long term damage. Educate yourself on how to be ready and what needs to be done in these types of situations.

Power outages are a type of short term disaster that usually occur under severe weather conditions. The damage done would greatly depend on how long the power outage lasts. In today’s world a huge percentage of our day depends on electricity. To be without it, even for an hour would drive some people insane.

Items a power outage affects:

  • Cellular/Smart Phones need charging
  • VOIP phones need direct connection to an outlet
  • Laptops need charging
  • Personal computers need direct connection to an outlet
  • Tablets need charging
  • modems need direct connection to an outlet
  • Refrigerators need direct connection to an outlet
  • Stoves need direct connection to an outlet
  • Medical equipment may need charging or a direct connection to an outlet

Cell phones, smart phones, and VOIP phones are not just a luxury as many unfortunately mistake it for. Sometimes they can be our only avenue of communication in a state of emergency. One of the first thing people to tend to do in the midst of a disaster, is try to reach all of their loved ones to confirm that they are okay or to inform them of their own status.

Having a landline phone is convenient in these types of situations where you experience a short term power outage. Devices that cannot access the internet during the emergency, may not seem important to some and just an inconvenience. Yet to others the loss of internet means loss of business. Computers, tablets and laptops that need an electrical charge, also fall under this category. When it comes to revenue, just one day without being able to conduct business can have a negative effect on profit margins. Refrigerators run on electrical power as well. A lot of food is spoiled in situations like these. Medical Equipment can also be affected if they need electricity to function. This could mean life or death for some.

Here are some items you can include a Disaster Prep Kit:

  • Bottles of water
  • Cans of food
  • Freeze dried foods
  • Batteries Flashlight Candles Matches / Lighter
  • Manual can opener
  • Kerosene lamps
  • Power generator
  • Battery operated food burners
  • First Aid Kit

Make sure to make arrangements on how to care for a loved one that is ill and will need special attention. Speak to their primary caregiver for guidance on what to do in case of an emergency. Don’t forget about your pets, make sure you have plenty of food and water for them too. Keep all electrical items unplugged. Turn off all of the light switches, leave only one on so that you know when the power comes back on. Try to get back up batteries for phones, laptops, medical equipment, etc. Being proactive will help you adapt to and survive the loss of electricity. Many online vendors offer these items at great discounts, even emergency food items like freeze dried foods. So start planning and do some shopping. Your family’s safety depends on it.