Pregnant Protester Spray Paints Regime Compound

April 9, 2009 3:13 pm Last Updated: April 10, 2009 11:43 am

Fed up with official corruption that cost her life savings, Zhao Chun-Hong spray-painted the walls of well-guarded regime compound Zhongnanhai on the afternoon of April 7. “The corrupt Hebei Province; Kill the corrupt officials; Injustice; Qinhuangdao officials conspire with businessmen.” She also distributed thousands of leaflets. Later, Zhao, six months pregnant, was arrested and brought to the police station.

In an Epoch Times telephone interview thereafter, Zhao explained, “I spray-painted the slogan on the Zhongnanhai wall to bring attention to the central leadership about the darkness and corruption of the local officials. They have been deceiving everyone from the government to the citizens.”

Zhao is from Chengde City in Hebei Province. She once invested in Zigou Copper. Due to several officials also holding stock shares secretly, she was bound not to manage or hold her share interest. She had filed a lawsuit to ensure her ownership of the investment. However, the court ruled against her and caused her not only to lose all her assets, but also put her in serious debt. The officials involved are Tong Shu-Chien, Qinhuandao City Land Resource Bureau; Zhang Liqun, the County Leader; Chen Jun, Director of the National People’s Congress; and Tian Xui-Qing, the CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Chairman).

According to Guangdong activist Chen Feng-Qing, Zhao has been a victim of the corrupt legal system. She had previously protested by attempting suicide many times.

Once, she attempted suicide at court. No one attempted to rescue her, but was instead handcuffed in the aisle as an example to the public. When she woke up, she found herself still on the floor. She again attempted to cut her own vein. Since then, Zhao was forced to walk the path of a petitioner in Beijing. She also attempted suicide many times in Beijing in protest.

According to mainland Chinese activists’ report, on the Legal and Publicity Education Day, December 4, 2008 Zhao distributed leaflets with a banner hanging on her that read, “Lawless.” On January 1, 2009, she wore funeral clothing written with “Bury the corrupt Hebei officials” and displayed the banner at the United Nations Refugee Agency and a shopping center.

Professor Regrets Comment

Meanwhile, petitioners from all over the China rallied at Beijing University to protest faculty member Sun Dongdong, who claimed that petitioners are mentally ill.

On March 23, Professor Sun of Beijing University stated that at least 99 percent of petitioners are people with mental illness. His comment has caused raging responses from petitioners all over China. For several days, protests have been going on at Beijing University. Even though Sun apologized on April 6, angry petitioners are still protesting. Hundreds of them showed up today at the university’s main entrance to speak out against the Professor's comments.

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