Powerpuff Girls 2014: Ringo Starr Makes Guest Appearance in New Cartoon Network Special

January 19, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Ringo Starr of the Beatles will make a guest appearance in the Powerpuff Girls special that’s set to air on January 20, 2014 on Cartoon Network.

The popular cartoon series has been off the air for almost a decade.

In the special, which begins at 7:30 p.m. ET and will roll out internationally beginning in February, Mojo Jojo kidnaps a mathmatician, an opera singer, and a badger. He’s trying to steal Chemical X and take over Townsville.

The Powerpuff Girls thwart his plan, prompting him to invent an evil video game called “Dance Pants R-EVILution” to control their minds and bodies to fulfill his evil plot.

The original voice cast is reprising their roles in the special, and Starr makes an appearance as Fibonacci Sequins, Townsville’s most famous flamboyant mathematician.  In addition, Ringo Starr performs an original music video and song “I Wish I Was A Powerpuff Girl.”

The lyrics of the song have already been leaked:

Wish I was a Powerpuff Girl

Living in a Powerpuff world

Wear a ribbon in my hair

Wear a dress and save the world

Wish I was a Powerpuff Girl.”

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