Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Spoilers: Jax to Spend Time in Prison Over Tara’s Murder?

Sons of Anarchy season 7 is being filmed right now, and it appears that Jax will end up in prison for a while over Tara’s death.

Jax had worked out a deal with the District Attorney to take the fall for both Tara and the club, but Tara’s death changes things. 

He hadn’t turned himeslf in yet, and he was found crying over Tara’s body, seemingly making him a suspect in the case.

Some photos from the set show Jax (Charlie Hunnam) dressed in an orange jumpsuit, with “SJCCF” emblazoned on the leg. That stands for San Joaquin County Correctional Facility.

The show just started filming for the final season, so Jax may end up in prison early on in it. 

The casting of Marilyn Manson as Ron Tully, a prison shot-caller, fits into this scenario. 

The FX announcement said that Tully is used by Jax to expand his power base.

Meanwhile, show creator Kurt Sutter recently said that he’s working on episode 4 of the season as the first three are either filming or ready to be filmed.

“It just gets darker,” he told fans via Twitter.

Before that he described episode 7 as a “big” episode.

“We are in the process of breaking episode 7, which is usually a big episode for us,” he said via YouTube.

“It’s sort of, it ends up being … the same way a premiere sets in motion the bigger elements of the season, episode 7 tends to bring some of those things to some sort of conclusion, then sets up what will ultimately be some of the bigger story elements that will bring us into the end of the season.”

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