Port Jervis Among Municipalities Highlighted for Low Funds and Deficits

State comptroller names PJ among eight places with significant fiscal stress
September 28, 2016 Updated: August 1, 2018

The City of Port Jervis is among eight municipalities that were under “significant” fiscal stress last year, according to a report by New York Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. The eight named municipalities were reported to have low fund balances and operating deficits, while another 14 were under moderate stress and 18 were considered susceptible.

The seven other municipalities are the counties of Monroe, Broome, Franklin, and Rockland; the City of Albany; and the towns of Tuxedo and Parish.

DiNapoli said the fourth annual report shows it can be difficult for localities to overcome problems years in the making.

Each year, 19 municipalities have been designated.

The 2015 financial information was provided by nearly 1,000 municipalities whose fiscal year ended Dec. 31.

That includes counties and towns, 44 cities, and 10 villages, though 62 failed to file information in time to be scored the past three years.

By The Associated Press