‘Poor Girl Ended Up in The Emergency Room After This’ a Facebook Survey Scam

February 10, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A viral Facebook post is claiming that a “poor girl” is in the emergency room and promises a video, but it’s just a scam.

“[VIDEO] Poor Girl Ended Up in The Emergency Room After This,” it reads.

It shows a woman slumped over on a bed with a play button over it, but there isn’t a video.

The post will take users to a website that is designed to look like Facebook and it asks you to share it before viewing–a common tactic used by Facebook scammers.

When accessing the fake Facebook website, the user will be prompted to complete bogus surveys that promise to give you the video. Again, there isn’t one.

The intention of the scammers is to get your personal information, which includes your phone number, email, and address. They then sell it to others to make money.

“Once on the website, the victim will be asked to complete surveys or share the same website. Now, sharing this web page will only help spread this scam to other Facebook users. And, completing the surveys will only generate revenue for the cybercriminals behind this scam,” reads a bulletin from Online Threat Alerts. “The victim on the other hand, will not be able to view the video that they were promised, because it doesn’t exist.”

It’s recommended to delete any instances of the post if you’ve shared it.