Pool Maintenance Myths

There are many myths that have plagued the pool industry, causing pool owners to become frustrated with maintaining their pools. Pool Troopers of Dallas, Texas, has decided to set these rumors and myths to rest. Many of these myths surround how to properly maintain a pool, including chemicals, cleaning and other regular maintenance. To set the record straight, here are a few of the common myths that are still being circulated among pool owners.

Draining Your Pool Is the Best Way to Clean It

For some reason, many pool owners believe the only way to really clean a filthy pool is to drain it and begin from scratch. This is, not only, false, it is a very expensive and time-consuming way to clean a pool. It can even be harmful to your pool’s structure to remove all the water and refill it every time it gets dirty. Even some of the dirtiest pools, where the water and walls have become green from algae, can be cleaned thoroughly by a professional pool service without draining the pool.

Backwashing Your Filter More Often Is Better for Your Pool

For those with filters that need regular backwashing, there is a myth that backwashing more often will keep their pool cleaner. This is not necessarily the case. Not only does it waste water and energy to backwash your filter when it is not needed, it can cause sand to be released into the pool water. Backwashing should only be done when the pressure gauge reflects that it is needed.

Professional Pool Cleaning Is Too Expensive

Many pool owners insist on cleaning their own pools and maintaining the chemical balance because they believe they are saving money. While some pool owners may be able to save a little money by doing maintenance on their own, often it is just the opposite. The equipment, retail priced chemicals, time and other aspects of maintaining a pool can often cost more than hiring a professional pool service a few times a month. Plus, a professional pool service can ensure that all the systems are working properly and fix minor issues before they become major problems that would cost the pool owner more in the long run.