Pont des Arts: Love Locks Cause Railing to Collapse on Historic Bridge in Paris

The so-called love locks on the Pont des Arts footbridge in Paris caused a railing to collapse.

Over 1,000 of the locks, which were clipped to the railing by couples to signify their love, were on the railing.

Police told France24 that the railing collapsed shortly before 6 p.m. on Sunday, but that no one had been injured.

The footbridge links Seine River’s banks near the Louvre Museum.

The bridge was closed after the collapse but was planned to re-open on Monday. 

The popularity of putting locks inscribed with the couple’s initials on the bridge took off this year, amid growing concern about the trend.

Two U.S. nationals in Paris, for instance, have gathered thousands of signatures for a petition that calls for the locks to be removed.

The locks first started appearing in 2008.

The practice has also spread to other bridges in Paris. 

Some of the locks have been removed before from Pont des Arts, reported RFI, but they have just built up again.

Local officials say that a collapse such as the railing collapse could injure people on boats passing underneath it.

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