Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton 2 to 1 in New Hampshire

February 4, 2016 Updated: February 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton has been trailing Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire for months, but days before the primary booths open, the gap between the two has widened to the largest one yet.

A new CNN/WMUR poll shows that New Hampshire Democrats favor Sanders over Clinton by a ratio of more than 2 to 1. Conducted Feb. 2–4, the poll found that 61 percent of New Hampshire Democrats would vote for Sanders in the primary, but only 30 percent would vote for Clinton.

This has been a dramatic turnaround compared to the beginning of the campaign, where in June of 2015 Clinton out-polled Sanders 43 to 35 percent in the northeastern state.

New Hampshire is the state that Clinton won during the 2008 Democratic primary, when she was competing against Barack Obama for the nomination.

Sanders had earlier lost to Clinton in a hotly contested race in Iowa, where Clinton won by just a razor-thin margin.

Still, despite Sanders’s lead in New Hampshire, he still trails Clinton by 16 points nation-wide, according to Real Clear Politics.