Policeman Wins Praise for Kind Act Toward Boy Left Alone on His Birthday

October 25, 2017 Updated: October 28, 2017

A policeman helped a local boy celebrate his birthday after no one came to pick him up from school.

The boy’s parent was in jail, and the school called the police after no parent or guardian arrived. Upon discovering it was the boy’s birthday, the policeman used the department’s coupons to take the boy to McDonald’s, and then gave the boy a ride in his police car. Relatives finally arrived to pick the boy up from the police.

The Green Bay Police Department posted a story about the incident on Facebook. The post went viral, with 2,000 shares and more than 600 comments as of Oct. 25, mostly of praise of Officer Robinson. In the post, the department thanked Robinson, and also McDonald’s for the free cheeseburger coupons.

“Yesterday Officer Robinson responded to a local elementary school for a child that was not picked up at the end of the school day. The parent is incarcerated and there were no other known family contacts. It was also the child’s birthday,” the department wrote in the post.

Some of the comments on the post were from people who knew the officer personally.

“I can say I know this awesome guy! Doesn’t surprise me at all on what he did to make the birthday kid feel special! Way to go Darryl!” wrote Regina Randolph Teska.

Other comments are from media in far away locations who felt moved and compelled to report on the story for their local viewers.

“I work for a TV station all the way in San Antonio, Texas and even though this wasn’t a local story, I felt compelled to share this story with our viewers. People more than 1,000 miles away have been impacted by Officer Robinson’s kindness,” wrote Mariah Medina, a digital curator for KSAT 12 according to her Facebook profile.

Some of the commenters were saddened by the circumstances the elementary school student was in, with no parent to turn to on his birthday.

“This just breaks my heart though in regards to the child. Hate it when you hear and see children have to go through this because of their parents’ choices. Ugh Happy Birthday to the little boy,” wrote Tammy Ness-Phillips.

And one commenter recounted a similar experience she had with police when her parents were in trouble with the law.

“as a child who was taken out of a bad situation and the officer removing me from my home took me to eat at KFC I will always remember that, I was 6 years old and that memory is burned in my mind. Officers like you make a difference,” wrote Jessica Wabdankwe Murphy-Smith.

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