Police Scream at Illinois Men Seeking to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

September 6, 2017 Updated: September 6, 2017

Two men drove down from Illinois to Texas in order to help Hurricane Harvey victims, but in the city of Vidor they were greeted by a law enforcement official that told the men to leave and that they were not needed.

The official is seen yelling at one of the Illinois men and demanding the man come down off of the huge vehicle he is using to rescue people from flooded areas.

The Facebook post text says, ” Jared Kirkendoll and Scott Green was just told that they have to leave vidor because they are not needed here.. but yet they are doing more than any off the law enforcement is doing here.”

It is unknown what law enforcement agency the officer in the video belongs to, the New York Post reported. The Vidor ISD Police Department said he is not one of their officers.

“I have seen the viral video of the Officer. I will tell you to rest assured that his comments are not my feelings or the feelings of the Vidor ISD Police Department or Vidor ISD,” said the Vidor ISD in a Facebook post. “We are extremely grateful to the thousands of wonderful people that have come to our aid in our time of need.”

Jared Kirkendoll and Scott Green had a huge vehicle full of supplies and flood victims when they were stopped. The officer let them know they needed to leave, but could drop off the people on board.

Although the video is drawing a lot of ire as it circulates on social media, another narrative of the events is getting a small amount of play. Some locals have posted that the men in the vehicle were doing more harm than help.

Commenters on Facebook are saying the men were playing loud music from the vehicle, and the vehicle’s huge tires were actually pushing more water onto houses and making the situation worse. A commenter also stated they weren’t needed because the evacuation had already been taken care of in that area. A post purported to be from the official in question says the men were stopped because they attempted to enter an area that was already secured.

Facebook commenters have posted the replies to the incident, which are purported to be from the police at the scene. People in the stopped vehicle have also elaborated on what happened, saying they were definitely helping people and had no trouble with law enforcement until they were stopped in Vidor.

From NTD.tv