Police Recover Van, Stolen While Transporting Body

February 14, 2018 Updated: February 14, 2018

A van with a dead body inside that was stolen on Monday has been recovered, thanks to the help of an observant citizen who spotted it in an auto parts shop parking lot.

On Monday the  Sheriff’s office in Jacksonville, Florida, tweeted a call for citizens to be on the lookout for a silver 2006 Honda Odyssey that went missing while it was parked, unlocked with key in ignition. The thief may have gotten more trouble than bargained for, since there was a body in the vehicle, being professionally transported for a local cremation company.

In a video interview with First Coast News the owner of Affordable Cremation Services recounted the story of the theft of the van from the business’s parking lot:

“He [the driver of the van] came here to the front of the building, parked exactly maybe 5-10 steps from the door…He came inside to bring the paperwork so that the director could get started with the processes of getting the approval to have the cremation done…And she [the director] noticed the car moving, so she says to him, ‘Your car is leaving.’ They turn around, run outside, to see the car going off down the street.”

The van was found abandoned in an auto parts parking lot, with the body thankfully still inside.

Epoch Times Photo
The car was found abandoned in an auto parts shop parking lot. (Google Maps)

It is about a 10 minute drive between Affordable Cremation Services and the site that the vehicle was abandoned. One can only wonder about the process of discovery for the car thief, and whether the route was affected at all by that discovery.

Epoch Times Photo
Affordable Cremation Services and Advance Discount Auto Parts are about 10 minutes apart. (Google Maps)

So far, police have not announced any suspects.

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