Police Officer Drives Man He Pulled Over to Job Interview

April 20, 2019 Updated: April 20, 2019

A police officer in Illinois noticed that a car had expired license plates and pulled it over on April 17.

The officer, Roger Gemoules of Cahokia, then learned that the driver did not have a valid driver’s license or insurance.

The driver told Gemoules that he had a job interview and didn’t have any way of getting there so he decided to risk driving illegally, according to Francella Jackson, who works for Cahokia Mayor Curtis McCall Jr.

“Instead of issuing him a ticket, Officer Gemoules took him to his interview AND HE GOT THE JOB!” she wrote on Facebook.

“On behalf of Mayor Curtis McCall Jr., I would like to thank Officer Gemoules for showing compassion and being a great example of how community-oriented policing actually works.”

I'm still amazingly surprised how a simple Facebook post about these two extremely shy guys, ( Ka'Shawn Baldwin and…

Posted by Francella Jackson on Friday, April 19, 2019

Jackson said in an update that Gemoules helped a man named Ka’Shawn Baldwin.

“I’m still amazingly surprised how a simple Facebook post about these two extremely shy guys went viral within just a few hours. The story has gone worldwide, including Italy, Rome, Norway, Poland, UK, and China so far. It’s refreshing for me to know that compassion and empathy still go a long way in this world and people love it,” she wrote.

Baldwin told CNN that he had borrowed the vehicle and was driving on a suspended driver’s license.

“I thought it was over,” Baldwin said. “The main thing that was running through my mind [was] I’m fixin’ to miss the job interview and get the car towed that wasn’t even mine.”

Woke up this morning with my face on the news.(đŸ˜źđŸ‘ˆđŸŸ this was my expression)

Posted by Ka'Shawn on Friday, April 19, 2019

Gemoules said that Baldwin was respectful when he was pulled over.

“He was very respectful when I pulled him over and you could just tell—I could feel that he really was wanting to get to this job interview,” Gemoules said.

Baldwin said that he was a little late to the interview but he made it. “I was grateful, I was thankful. Made it to the interview, I got a job,” he said, noting that he will take the bus to work. Baldwin told KMOV that the job was at FedEx.

Gemoules shared a picture of himself and Baldwin shaking hands on his Facebook page, saying: “I appreciate all of the kind words people have said, posted, texted, or called me to say. I enjoy what I do and never expected all of this. There are many police officers that do great things everyday. This one just happened to go viral.”

“All the glory to GOD and hope this young man keeps this positive momentum going for him and his family,” he added. “Favorite thing anyone said to me all day was when I picked up my son and he said, ‘Dad we need to stay out of public.’ I asked him why and he said he did not want to get caught up in a traffic jam with reporters.'”

Cahokia police officer Roger Gemoules pulled a vehicle over yesterday that had expired plates. The occupant of the car…

Posted by Francella Jackson on Thursday, April 18, 2019


A number of people reacted to the story, many praising the officer for his decision.

“That story needed to go viral! It’s what we are seriously lacking as a nation. Compassion! Thank you for helping to restore hope!” wrote one Facebook user.

“It’s awesome that great stories go viral as quickly as nonsense Francella thanks for posting it’s refreshing to display good officers because after all there are still good-hearted people out here and that includes officers,” added another.

“What an outstanding officer!!! This is so awesome!! Brought tears to my eyes,” added another.

“Awesome job this could have turned into a horrible situation. Thank you officer for displaying safe actions,” added another.

“Wow. Francella thanks for sharing that. My feelings about that department from personal experience with my family, has not been good at all. But this surely made me feel better. Most officers anywhere else would have slapped on cuffs and locked this young man up. Kudos to the officer for his compassion,” added another.

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