Police in Charleston, South Carolina Arrest 3 Teenage Armed Robbery Suspects

February 1, 2016 Updated: February 1, 2016

The Charleston Police Department announced on Monday the arrest of three teens in an armed robbery case.

The South Carolina city was the site of an armed robbery on Jan. 31, on Beaufain Street around 10:30 p.m.

Police have arrested Trevion Wigfall, 17, of Romney Street; Koebe Huger, 19, of Midwood Drive, North Charleston; and Corwin Manigault, 16, of Logan Street.

Wigfall and Huger have been charged with strong arm robbery and financial transaction card fraud, while Manigault has been charged with strong armed robbery.

Police recovered evidence they say led them to arrest the teens.

Police said the victim was walking on the street to her apartment when someone walked up behind her, pushed her down, and took her purse.