Police Department Collects Cat Food in Lieu of Parking Ticket Fines to Help Animal Shelter

By Venus Upadhayaya, Epoch Times
July 29, 2019 Updated: July 29, 2019

An Indiana police department has come up with an innovative program allowing people to pay for parking tickets with cat food.

Muncie Police Department started the program in partnership with Muncie Animal Care and Services, a government organization that runs an animal shelter, according to the shelter’s Facebook page.

“Pay your parking tickets in cat food! Until Friday the 19th at 4 PM we are allowing folks to pay their parking tickets in cat food, kitten food, or kitty litter! Bring a donation in the amount of your ticket,” the Muncie Police Department said in a message on Twitter on July 15.

“The (Muncie Animal Care & Services) is overrun with cats and kittens. We want to help!” wrote the police department.

The campaign was a big success and in a subsequent message posted on Facebook on July 19, the police department shared pictures of cat food it collected in lieu of parking tickets.

“We greatly appreciate everyone that donated supplies this week to the Muncie Animal Care & Services. This room was almost empty before we started! Most of the folks that donated didn’t even have parking tickets,” the police wrote.

“Just a reminder, the shelter can always use donations for their animals! Also, if you have an unpaid parking ticket, you have until today at 4 PM to pay it in cat food or litter!” it added.

Muncie Police Department’s unique idea to help the animal shelter gained a lot of appreciation from the public on Twitter and Facebook.

“More of this, please! Hope others around the country take notice,” wrote Finkmo in response to the police’s post.

“That is the best idea I’ve ever heard. What would be even better is if every Police Department did that, now that would be amazing,” wrote Twitter handle @kimberw56.

On the police’s Facebook page, people commented from other regions and shared about how they got to know about the unique program.

“Dear Muncie PD–this has gone viral!! I got it overseas from a friend in California and it is spreading like wildfire. Respect to Muncie PD for a humane and caring way to support shelter animals—my husband and I wish other departments would follow your example!! You rock!” wrote Sarah Henya.

One user on Facebook suggested that the idea be spread to other areas. “Why not expand this idea to areas other than just animals? Seems like it could really fill an even bigger void than this temporary effort,” said Joshua Long.

Muncie Police Department replied: “We may do that!”

Another user checked if the exchange holds valid for seat belt tickets. “Does a seatbelt ticket count as a parking ticket and how much do you need to bring to get the ticket taken care of?” wrote LeAnne Dyer.

The police wrote in reply: “Unfortunately we can’t accept donations for seatbelt tickets. Sorry!”

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