Police Brutality, Frustration with the Regime, and Chaotic Mismanagement of Returning Workers

By Tatiana Tobar-Darzi R.
Tatiana Tobar-Darzi R.
Tatiana Tobar-Darzi R.
March 20, 2020 Updated: July 23, 2020

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This man says his brother was brutally murdered by police simply because he left his home to hang out with friends after being quarantined. The man suffered significant intracranial hemorrhage and died the next day. However, his death was labeled as “suspected case of coronavirus

It is very common for CCP police to violently handle minor offenses causing horrific injuries and even death.

Relatives dying, prices soaring, an economic bubble… The woman in the video is clearly frustrated at the party, and she’s not alone.

You’ve probably heard that the CCP has brought prosperity and advancement to its people and that China is a thriving communist nation with content citizens…

Thankfully our phones are equipped with cameras that can instantly record and upload videos to the web, where our thoughts and the true state of society can be shared with the rest of the world.

Business operations must continue and workers were told to return to work even though the outbreak of the coronavirus is still in full-swing. But chaos at the management level caused confusion for companies not listed to resume operations. Unlisted companies had also asked workers to return to work and as a result, local authorities were called in to stop these people from doing so. This sort of chaotic mismanagement is extremely unfair to everyone, especially for those who have traveled long distances to get there.

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