Police Break Up Social Distancing ‘Parade’ of Teachers Driving in Cars in Kansas

April 8, 2020 Updated: April 8, 2020

Police in Kansas City, Kansas, broke up a parade of school teachers and staff members driving their cars. The activity was deemed nonessential.

John Fiske Elementary School in Kansas City hosted a parade that included teachers and administrators driving through local neighborhoods to get children excited for distance learning amid the pandemic, according to the school’s Facebook page.

But the parade was suddenly ended by authorities, without incident.

“Families, we regret to inform you that the parade was abruptly ended by local authorities because we are #nonessential,” the school wrote on Facebook. “It breaks our hearts but we got to see a lot of you, regardless!”

Nancy Chartrand, public information officer with the police department, told Fox4 that officers were only complying with state-mandated orders.

“The governor’s order is the governor’s order,” Chartrand said. “Only necessary, essential. That’s what they’re supposed to be out for.”

Sharita Hutton with Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools added that the district wasn’t told about the event.

“We know that John Fiske teachers and administration had their hearts in the right place,” Hutton wrote in an email, according to Fox4. “With that said, we understand that during these times, Wyandotte County has rules in place to protect the citizens and that is why we support their decision to stop today’s parade.”

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly’s issued a “stay at home” order starting March 30 until April 19. Like similar orders in other states, it allows residents to only leave their homes for essential activities, while schools, restaurants, bars, gyms, and other businesses deemed nonessential were shuttered in the interim.

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