Poisonous Vaccines Spread in China, Victims’ Parents Protest in Beijing

By Rona Rui, Epoch Times
July 7, 2010 Updated: July 7, 2010

For two days in June, a group of parents sat in silent protest outside the Ministry of Health in Beijing. Their children are the victims of poisonous vaccines.

In the months leading to the protest, despite repeated requests from the victims' parents, the Ministry of Health refused to accept their complaints. On April 6, the Ministry of Health held a press conference denying the case of poisonous vaccine that caused hundreds of children in Shaanxi Province to become seriously ill as a result and in some cases even proved fatal.

Appeals made at central government's Office of Letters & Calls also proved useless. One parent told an Epoch Times reporter, "All it did was to pass our letters down to the next level office and our appeals were simply ignored. Similar cases can be found all over the country, but none of the courts would accept any related law suits."

The parents first requested the Ministry of Health officials to put a signature on the vaccine appraisal report but this request was refused. Then the parents applied for an administrative review, which was again rejected by the ministry, citing insufficient documentation provided. At last, the parents sat outside the Ministry of Health protesting the lack of action from the communist regime.

On June 28, eight parents were taken to a nearby police station. One parent,  Yi Wenlong from Shanxi Province, was given a warning notice for "disrupting office order".

Hoping to find justice for their children, on June 29, the parents went again to the Ministry of Health in order to attract more public attention, but again their efforts were in vain.

Mr. Wang from Shandong province said his child was given a third dose of Hepatitis B vaccine on April 9, 2007. He was not told of any possibility of side effects. Three days later, his then six-month-old child had spasms and a high fever. The People’s Hospital in Zhangqiu City told him it had nothing to do with the vaccine and that the cause could not be found. Only after some research on the Internet did he link the vaccine to the illness.

Mr. Wang said the vaccination center and the hospital are both under the control of the Health Bureau. "They are like two sons from one father. Siblings will of course protect each other”. Mr. Wang also said that he knows of three or four similar cases around him.

In Shanxi province, there have been 245 poisonous vaccine cases reported, among which 14 cases resulted in the death of children.

China Economic Times reporter, Wang Keqin, published a series of investigative reports into the poisonous vaccine cases in Shanxi province. His investigative reports revealed that the quality control of the storage and handling of the vaccines, which need to be kept in a refrigerated environment, was absent and vaccines were subjected to uncontrolled temperature swings. The affected vaccines should have been destroyed but instead were administered to the public. The published reports naturally generated a large negative reaction from the public, however, there was no corrective action applied by the communist regime, other than the China Economic Times chief-editor lost his job. It is estimated that up to 1 million people in 27 provinces may have had a poisonous vaccine administered to them.

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