Poisonous Ginger Sold on Market in China

May 13, 2006 Updated: December 3, 2015

HONG KONG – According to the Xinkuai newspaper in Guangdong Province, China, local merchants produce brightly colored poisonous ginger using sulfur and other medical powders to sell them on the market. Everyday, at least twenty tons of such ginger are delivered to Guangzhou City, Dongguan City, Shenzhen City and other cities and are sold in retail markets, restaurants and supermarkets.

The report says that some merchants at the Agricultural Products Wholesale Market in the Fumin Area, Dongguan City, and the Jiangnan Agricultural Products Wholesale Market in the Shijing Area, Guangzhou City, process dark-colored ginger with sulfur, which makes the ginger as clear and transparent as fresh ones. The ginger carries a strong sulfur smell.

A ginger dealer said that this poisonous ginger occupies nearly half of the market in the above areas in Guangdong Province.