Poisonous Artificial Milk Found in Shanxi Province

July 31, 2005 Updated: August 25, 2015

A kind of artificial milk was recently found in Shanxi province. According to Chinese state media, the artificial milk is made with artificial protein and additives, none of which resemble the content of real milk. It is packaged very nicely using famous brand names, featuring the words “manufactured by members of the China Dairy Products Industry Association”.

Drinking this kind of milk will cause heavy metal poisoning.

The report shows that the artificial protein used in the milk is made of protein hydrolysate and artificial fat.

The manufacturer collects leather coats, suitcases, shoes and sofas from the city garbage station and processes those materials with chemicals and biological technology in order to obtain the protein hydrolysate. The artificial fat is refined from swill oil, sewage oil and vegetable oil.