Poachers Strike Again In Kaziranga National Park

By Rohit Daniel
Rohit Daniel
Rohit Daniel
May 8, 2014 Updated: May 8, 2014

In yet another incidence of illegal killing of protected wildlife, poachers managed to kill an adult male rhino and get away with its horn in the Kaziranga National Park in Assam. With the latest killing, the number of pachyderms that have fallen victim to poaching this year has risen to nine.

Forest officials confirmed that park personnel recovered the carcass of the dead animal near the Borgung Camp on the western side of the Burapahar Range in the park. They also retrieved used cartridges near the carcass that evidently came from an AK-47 rifle and a .303 rifle.

Earlier this year on March 19 an adult male rhino was killed and its horn hacked away by poachers near the Louduli Camp under the Kohora Range in the 430 sq. km Kaziranga National Park.

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