Plow Drivers Help Owner Struggling to Shovel Snow, Shocked by His Age

March 16, 2018 Updated: March 16, 2018

Two plow drivers coming back after working 21 hours straight, decided to help a homeowner almost waist-deep in snow. After finding out that he is 100 years old, they offered to give him free lifetime snow plowing services.

Martin Gutierrez and Austin Sciacca work for Dream Team Contracting and had a busy stretch clearing the snow dumped on the area by the nor’easter. Despite that, they wanted to help a man trying to shovel his driveway, Boston 25 reported.

After helping the man, the plow drivers felt the need to ask how old he was. Maurice told them his birthday was May 13, 1917, meaning he would be 101 years old in two months, Boston 25 reported.

Gutierrez and Sciacca didn’t see why he should have to shovel snow, and offered to do it for him for free, whenever needed, according to Boston 25.

“We come from a very close-knit family and the elders in the family are what we take care of the most because they started everything, so we definitely want to give our part back,” Sciacca told Boston 25.

“I Saw this old man with a shovel in his hand and snow up to his thighs trying to shovel his 40x60ft driveway. Although we were backed up and down 2 plow trucks, and weve been going 21 hours straight, We made the decision to remove all the snow from driveway,” Dream Team Contracting published in a Facebook post.

“So nice there are still some gentlemen in this world who know how to treat the elderly! Such a beautiful thing! Thanks for being so kind,” commented Amy Santangelo Tilton.

“I have never met anyone that was over a hundred years of age. I was so impressed by his condition, that I’ve made the decision that this man will not have to lift a shovel for the rest of the year,” added Dream Team Contracting, in the post. “Its about respecting and protecting the elder generation who has protected us when we were vulnerable as kids. Its about not forgetting the ones that came before us. Its about instilling this respect to our young so they in turn can protect us when we are older.”


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