PlayStation Plus: PS4 User Finds PS Plus Glitch Giving Him 20-Year Free Membership

February 20, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A PlayStation Plus user said he found a loophole that gave him free service until 2035 for free.

The loophole appears to work for PlayStation 4 users only.

The user, who sought to remain anonymous, told VG247 that his membership will last 20 years.

He said that the trick involves signing up for the 14-day free PS Plus trial that was given to PlayStation 4 owners.

“I never had PS+ so I decided to give it a try on my shiny new PS4. A new ad in the PS Store advertises 14 days free of PS+ if you have never had the service before,” the tipster told the website.

The user added: “Once you accept the deal, you are allowed to keep extending the 14 free days for free once prompted after confirmation of the free purchase. All you have to do is keep pressing X and you keep getting 14 free days added to your free subscription. The hundreds of email confirmations from Sony all say $0.00.”

A screenshot uploaded to the website appears to show that the user’s story is real.

“You are already a PS Plus member. Your current member ship will automatically [renew] on 03/13/2035,” reads the PlayStation Plus message in the screenshot.

VG247 reported that Sony hasn’t responded to inquiries about the glitch.

Earlier this week, PlayStation Plus issued an update that includes “Remember Me” for the PlayStation 3, and Vita users can get “Street Fighter X Tekken”–both for free.

PlayStation also released a PS Plus TV slot.

“It’s hard to believe that PlayStation Plus is nearly four years old. Since its launch, we’ve continued to add benefits, including our wildly popular Instant Game Collection, deep game discounts, cloud storage and online multiplayer on PS4. We’ve continued to up the ante with recent Instant Game Collection offerings such as Game of the Year nominee BioShock Infinite, PS3 action epic DmC, headspinning PS Vita adventure Gravity Rush, and most recently, PS4 favorites Resogun and Outlast,” reads a Sony blog post.