PlayStation Plus: Mercenary Kings Rumored as April’s PS4 Game on PS Plus

March 26, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Mercenary Kings is rumored to be April’s PlayStation 4 PlayStation Plus game.

The official blog in Asia announced that the English version of the game will be added to PS Plus in April.

The blog previously revealed that Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition was the addition to PS Plus for March. Dead Nation was then added to PS Plus in Europe and North America.

The blog also announced the addition of multiple PS3 and PS Vita games: SoulCalibur II HD Online, Sky Cooper; Thieves in Time, Nights into dreams, Dekamori Senran Kagura Custom Theme 3, and a SSX trial for the former; and Dynasty Warriors and Destiny of Spirits Orb35 for the latter.

But none of the games for PS3 or PS Vita announced for March were added to the European or North America collections, so it’s unlikely any of these games will be added.

The full PS Plus games for those areas for April should be announced any day now.

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