PlayStation Plus: Destiny Beta Will be Available for PS Plus Users

PlayStation Plus users could be getting the opportunity to play the “Destiny” beta–the upcoming multiplayer sci-fi RPG slated to come out September 9.

A few weeks ago, a report said the beta would be open to all PS Plus subscribers, which turned out to be fake.

According to PlayStation Lifestyle, the PlayStation Asia blog posted a similar report on Sunday, which appears to be legitimate.

The registration for the beta starts July 7, lasting until July 13. It will be available for only 5,000 PS Plus subscribers.

IGN reported that the dates are legitimate. The beta will then go offline for maintenance on July 21

The beta will run for eight days on the PS3 and PS4, and it will run for four days on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, Activision announced.

Similar to the “Halo” games, “Destiny” is a first-person shooter set in a sprawling sci-fi galaxy. But unlike the developer’s previous series, “Destiny” requires gamers to always play online. Activision Blizzard Inc. is spending $500 million to market and develop the game — an unprecedented monumental bet on a title with no proven track record.

Here’s what the announcement says:

” 1. Visit the Destiny Beta registration page (to be opened from 7 July 2014 16:00 HK Time)

2. Login with your SEN account and complete the application form

3. 5,000 selected PS Plus members will receive an email with the Destiny Beta voucher code on 16th July

Registration Period: 7th-13th July

Beta Starts: 18th July (00:00 HK Time)”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.