Plane Turns Back After Toilet Problems on Flight Carrying Over 80 Plumbers

January 31, 2018 Updated: January 31, 2018

A plane with over 80 plumbers on a flight from Norway turned back after a problem with the toilets.

Budget airline Norwegian was headed from Oslo to Munich. The plane hovered at the Swedish border to burn fuel before turning back to Oslo to service the toilets, the Daily Mail reported. Most of the plumbers worked for the Rorkjop company, according to The Washington Post.

‘We would have liked to fix the restrooms, but unfortunately it had to be done from the outside and we didn’t risk sending a plumber to work at 10,000 m [32,808 feet],’ said Rorkjop CEO Frank Olsen, via Dagbladet.

Olsen said the problem could only be fixed from the plane’s exterior. After landing, ground engineers at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen fixed the problem and the airplane flew to its scheduled destination, according to the Daily Mail.

The incident was taken lightly aboard the plane.

“Seldom has there been more laughter in an airplane … when the reason given is ‘toilet problems,’” said Olsen, via The Washington Post.

The airplane had circled the airport in order to use up fuel, making the plane light enough to land, Norwegian spokeswoman Fatima Elkadi told Dagbladet.

The plumbers were headed to Munich to attend an industry event. There weren’t many hard feelings even though the flight had to be rescheduled.

“Even the flight attendant came and told me that she has never done a U-turn with that many passengers smiling on board,” Olsen said, via the Post. “We are still smiling.”


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