Plane Tried to Land on Runway, Fell Into a Ditch — but That’s Not All

May 23, 2018 Updated: September 27, 2018

On May 22, a private Gulfstream jet originating from Austin, Texas, crash-landed at the Toncontín International Airport in Honduras where it split in half, injuring at least 6 people.

According to the Express, the plane slipped from the end of the short runway at the Toncontín airport as it attempted to land. It then fell into a small ditch and split in two over a neighbouring highway.

A plane crashed in Tegus closing the airport this morning and causing a traffic nightmare

Posted by Jarrod Brown on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Emergency crew arrived at the scene, where firefighter sprayed the plane wreckage with foam and first responders attended to passengers caught in the wreckage.

There were no fatalities, Honduras National Police said in a statement.

Five passengers were admitted to hospital in a stable condition and are receiving treatment, Tegucigalpa’s Hospital Escuela Universitario confirmed.

The plane is registered as TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc. in North Salt Lake, according to U.S. Federal Aviation Administration records, the Washington Post reported.

Jarrod W. Brown, who arrived at the airport “about an hour before the crash,” was able to capture the scene of the wreckage on camera.

“The private jet did not touch down soon enough to stop on the short runway,” Brown told Storyful.

“Now, it’s sitting in the middle of a major artery leading into the city of Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras,” he said.

The passengers injured in the crash are all believed to be American, reported the Express.


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