Plainclothes Police in China – Commentary by Gao Zhisheng

January 15, 2006 Updated: January 15, 2006

After 78 days of being stalked by the Chinese government, I and my family come to the conclusion that the plainclothes in China are the most vilest group of people in human society. There may not be many people who object to this statement. Today, in broad daylight, this most repulsive group again demonstrated how despicable they are.

At 12 noon, January 14, my wife and I and a group of lawyer friends of mine were about to go to lunch. The minute we walked out of my office, several plainclothes came up and surrounded us. After we got downstairs and out of the elevator, the plainclothes waiting in the lobby approached us and joined the group. When we walked out of the building, a plainclothes sitting in a car without a license plate was holding a video camera taping us.

This villainous behavior has been going on for over 70 days!

I happened to have my video camera with me today so I started filming the plainclothes in the car. He immediately got off the car, jumped on me, and yelled, “You bastard, do you know it's violating someone's human rights to videotape someone!? I'll (cursing) beat you if you don't stop!”

This 6-ft tall man became so emotional and out of control. He twice scolded and yelled. We stayed calm throughout the course of his tirade and I told him, “Please calm down! I am a Christian and I won't scold you. Besides, we are both over 40 years old and we shouldn't scold someone at random.” He wouldn't stop yelling and scolding.

Twice he violently pushed me and attorney Jiang Tianyong, who was beside me. Attorney Jiang tried to calm him down and asked him not to shove people. He then pointed his finger at Jiang and started yelling at him. As more and more onlookers gathered, this plainclothes got more out of control. We reasoned with him for about 20 minutes, and then he pointed at me yelling, “You (cursing) have impinged upon my human rights. I will call the cops to arrest you now.” Unsurprisingly, with his one phone call, the police rushed over and took me and Jiang away in a police car.

As soon as we got into an office in the police station, this plainclothes lost his mind again and jumped on us trying to hit us. A policeman stopped him and then started to write down my words. I told the police, “This person and a dozen other plainclothes have been openly stalking my family with despicable means for over 78 days. Do you dare to stop him?”

“Can't do that,” replied the policeman.” I continued, “Since you can't stop his illegal act, what qualifications do you have that you can bring me here?” The police kept us there for an hour. Before we left the police station, that plainclothes said fiercely, “Just wait and see how I will take care of you after we leave.” Jiang told the police, “You heard that. You'd better take us home with a police car.” I told Jiang, “Forget about it. Since he said that, I have to see what he is going to do after we leave.” We quickly followed after him but he had already left.

File photo of the renowned Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng (The Epoch Times)
File photo of the renowned Chinese lawyer Gao Zhisheng (The Epoch Times)

What happened during lunch hour was not an accident. In the afternoon, I went shopping with my wife. The store was grand and the parade of plainclothes following us was even grander- there were over 30 of them! We decided that we'd stick around the shopping area. Even so, the plainclothes still worried that we'd “escape” and called over 10 security personnel. The plainclothes lectured the securities for a while and the securities obeyed submissively and joined the following crowd.

After dinner, my wife and I decided to go to my office. The minute I opened the house door, a plainclothes smoking a cigarette blocked the doorway. The light from the cigarette shone on his gloomy face. He had no intention of making way for us. My wife worried that I would get upset and dragged me to take another way downstairs. As soon as we got downstairs, a group of plainclothes gathered around us and followed us until we went into my office. After we finished working and were on our way home, that group of plainclothes approached us and followed us closely until we got home and shut the door. They still had no intention of leaving.

It is no coincidence the plainclothes were acting so irrationally today. It signifies that their manipulators have lost their minds!

Written January 13, 2006, a day in Beijing with special agents tracking us.