Pittsburgh: Sinkhole Eats Car in Ross Township, Pennsylvania at Hollywood Tans (+Photo)

A sinkhole has opened up in Ross Township, located near Pittsburgh, Penn., on Tuesday.

Photos uploaded to social media website shows a car in the sinkhole.

The sinkhole was located on McNight Road.

It’s unclear if there were any injuries in the incident, local media reports said.

The hole appears to be in the parking lot of a Hollywood Tans salon.


 The Associated Press update:

County police nab street dealers near Pittsburgh 

CORAOPOLIS, Pa. (AP) — Allegheny County police have rounded up more than 70 people charged with being street-level drug dealers in the Pittsburgh suburbs.

Monday’s arrests were concentrated in Coraopolis (kor-ee-AH’-poh-lus) and Moon Township, though the 86 arrest warrants issued were for other areas as well.

County police Superintendent Charles Moffatt isn’t saying whether the alleged dealers are connected, but says most of them — 64 — were charged as a result of undercover drug buys by county and Coraopolis police.

County police Lt. Jeff Korczyk (KOR’-zik) says police are hopeful that “people will notice … a difference here.”

The suspects were charged with selling heroin, crack cocaine and prescription medications.